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4 April 1980
This journal is about me, my life, my experiences, and my art. If you don't like seeing pictures of works in progress, I suggest you either don't read the rest of it, or scroll past when they crop up, and that will not be infrequent. I don't put images behind filters except maybe friends-only protection, because frankly if you're here to read about me, you're going to miss out on half of the things about me if you don't see my art and what I'm saying with it. Not work safe images are put behind cuts, as are humungo images.

I have very few filters. I have a pagan filter because I respect that not everyone I'm friends with is pagan and of the ones that aren't, some have negative desire to hear about that part of my life. If you wish to be included in that, let me know. The rest are private and people get added to them as I realize that they're worth being added to them.

My Portfolio can be found here I have an RSS feed for LJ here and you can put it in your normal non-LJ rss reader by using this address.

I also have this lovely Bio provided by the amazing writer pasdeschiens.

What do math geeks do when they finish school?
Become artists, of course!

It's not really that surprising. Vector graphics and modelling all have their basis in higher maths, so Jeannette Randall's passion for numbers and love of art quickly showed itself to be a symbiotic relationship. Combine this with art classes in school, extensive experience in photography (both print and digital) and an ingrained desire to learn, and it should be no surprise that anything she sets her mind to, Jeannette can create.

While dedicating most of her time to learning and developing her style, money was going out faster than it was coming in. Proving her easy adaptability, Jeannette turned her artistry and logic to the internet, working in website design and development, something she still enjoys today (with a sizeable portfolio to back herself up!).

But it's not all about computers. Until relatively recently, all art was done by hand, on paper or canvas. It would be foolish to ignore this history - and Jeannette is not foolish.

Keeping the computer in the background, Jeannette set about working with oil paint, pen and ink, graphite and airbrushes, as well as studying the topic, which resulted in a considerable fine art background. Drawing, colouring and designing on a tablet is very similar to doing so on paper, but it is far easier to carry a pad and a bag of art supplies with you rather than lugging around a computer, Wacom tablet and the associated power and data cables.

It's taken hard work to get where she is, and many people would have given up but Jeannette has kept going despite the time and effort it has taken. She now has a massive portfolio and quite a repertoire of skills, is making money from developing and selling texture packs, tutorials, images, animations, logos and websites (from her studio/office in Columbus, Georgia), and has begun carving a niche with her 3D and photography work. The future for Jeannette Randall and Blank Pixel is bright, with more displays and exhibitions coming up, and more learning is always on the agenda.

apathyzeal has provided me with this little blurb: "When achanchinou wins, everybody wins!" so I must be amazing. :)

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